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Ryann Ankerstjerne Carey

Born in Iowa

Lives & works in Hillsborough, NC

Have you ever looked at a tomato so long that you feel like you are the tomato?


I strive to paint the representational world converged with the emotional response that it elicits.  I don’t seek out places to paint but instead I let my love of observation be my inspiration to capture a moment on camera. Photography was my first love in art.  With my paintings, I then rely heavily on my sense memory to portray not only what the eye has seen but also the feeling that a space and time evoked. 


As humans, we are united by our common experiences and our emotional connection to our environment.  My hope is to create work that conjures up this common thread among us.


I was introduced to watercolor (and painting in general) in 2018.  I immediately fell in love with the challenge of the medium.  In the last year I have been exploring  watercolors transparent properties along with the use of a resist to explore my interests in negative space.


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